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 Our Purpose


Design 4 Accessibility~


Welcome ~ I am looking forward to collaborating with you!

If you share my vision  let's co-create an opportunity to work together!

Our Vision~

A community that is beautiful, welcoming, safe, and accessible for all.


Our Motto~

Accessibility creates inclusion, which achieves diversity.

Inclusion and diversity are values held by our community.


Services ~

The Built Environment:

  • On-site Accessibility Audits - for businesses, buildings, landscapes, parks, playgrounds, urban design.


  • Pre-construction architectural drawing reviews.

  • Accessible Design for health and well-being, and resilience.

  • Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Audits and Ratings.

  • Restorative and calming design.

Home Sweet Home:​

  • Falls Prevention awareness and Home Assessments 

  • Home Modifications using Universal Design

  • Aging in Place  ~ Home Modifications or Home Renovations.

  • Home Modifications and renovations for sensory impairments. 

  • Home /Workplace Ergonomic assessments ~ Has Covid - 19 displaced you or your employees into a new home office? Is it a safe and productive set up? Are you experiencing any new pain or an exacerbation of pain, inflammation, or fatigue that is affecting your work? Is it difficult to rest or take breaks in your home office?

Workplace: Do you want to hire persons with disabilities but you are not sure how best to approach this goal?

  • Inclusive workplace ~ Employer Assistance

      ~ Employee Assistance

  • Workplace Accommodations


  • Assistive Technology and Adaptive Equipment 

  • Help with Grant Applications 


Clients include~

  • Government ~ Municipalities, Regional Districts, Federal and Provincial

  • Homeowners, landlords, 

  • Tenants,

  • Adults children of seniors "Aging in Place" Home Modifications or Renos,

  • Builders and Developers,

  • Architects and Landscape Architects,

  • Interior Designers,

  • Urban Planners and Engineers,

  • Landscape Companies, 

  • Small Businesses ~ Shops, Restaurants, Wineries, 

  • Employers and Employees,

  • Event Planners.


Think - Beautiful, Accessible, and Universal Designs

Accessibility Consultant
Donna is standing beside a shoulder height white emergency storage cabinet, reaching at shoulder height, elbow straightened across the top of cabinet to yellow emergency call button; demonstrating how someone using a wheelchair would not be able to reach the emergency button

Hi I'm  Donna J. Franz; how can I help?

Have you asked yourself?


Is there a professional who can help me create a healthy and safe environment that will allow me to as independent as possible?

How do I build resilience, wellbeing  and ease into my home or the public spaces/community I design?

How do I re-create environments that offer nature, fresh air, accessible pathways and trails and playgrounds?


How do I provide optimal wayfinding signage for all people?

Do I want to be proactive and build wellness into home, community and workspace?


I am here to assist, help, and support you, to realize opportunities and solutions to your needs.


I am a Registered Occupational Therapist (OT) with a wealth of knowledge on health and wellbeing, function with ease, and universal design. I have worked in healthcare for over 30 + years and I am a Designated Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Assessor Certificate Professional and member of the Accessibility Professional Network.


I have extensive knowledge providing chronic health management education and rehabilitation services for patients, private clients, and employees.


I work with clients on a 1:1 basis, with their families, and in group settings. Over the years I have participated on numerous multi-disciplinary teams and worked with numerous stakeholders. Collaboration is my strength. I will be an attentive listener and focus on what is concerning you, what is relevant to you, and what is meaningful for you. 


The goal is always safety and wellbeing, achieved through optimal design that focuses of maintaining or improving independence and beauty, safety, and resilience.

Donna's expertise:

  1. Accessible and Universal Design 

  2. Home Modifications or Renovations, especially ~ Aging in Place Home Modifications.

  3. Discharge Planning from hospital

  4. Fall Prevention 

  5. Ergonomic Assessment ~ Home office and Workplace

  6. Disability Management ~ Return to Work Services

  7. Employee Accommodations

  8. Adaptive equipment

  9. Assistive technology 

  10. Chronic Pain Management

  11. Mindfulness Training

In the Home ~ Donna meets with you to assess your current health status and needs, and then collaborates with you to determine your goals and solutions to your concerns. Donna works closely with local medical supply companies, caregivers, builders, contractors. 

In the Workplace ~ Donna has worked as a Rehabilitation Consultant identifying rehabilitation needs and working with the employee and their stakeholders, i.e. Employer, Manager. Donna assists with co-creating a successful and durable return to work plan. Donna is knowledgeable on workplace accommodations, and Human Rights Legislation. She has worked with BC Nurses Union, Health Sciences Association, Hospital Union Employees. She has 30+ years of expertise in Ergonomic Assessments.

Donna believes in work/life balance and recommends the healing effects of nature, meaningful occupation and leisure.

Community Accessibility ~ There are many successes in our community and there is more work to do, as we continue to witness

examples of significant barriers for persons and children with disabilities which are unwelcoming and unsafe. Let's co-create barrier free opportunities for everyone in the community, like ease of navigation and use. Let's make sure accessibility is present and beautiful, not unsightly; is invisible, using inclusive universal design features.

Will you ask Yourself:

Businesses ~ Persons with disabilities make up 21% of the consumer market (Conference Board of Canada ~ by 2030, ~ $316 Billion spent annually. 

  1. Does your marketing reach a largely untapped market, i.e., persons with disabilities? 

  2. Are your aisles wide enough for ease of passage for all people?

  3. Is your business welcoming for those using walkers, prams, wheelchairs, or scooters? 

  4. Do we have a quieter or calmer space for seniors or children who need to rest or a reprieve?

  5. Can your seated customers, easily see and speak with the clerk at the service counter?

  6. Is your entrance door welcoming if it doesn't open automatically?

  7. Do you have adequate parking for persons with disabilities?

  8. Are people with disabilities able to be independent and safe in your business, without needing to ask for help?

  9. Is your washroom "universal"?

  10. Do you have visual alarms?

Homeowners and Tenants~ 90% of aging adults want to "Age in Place". What does that mean?

  1. Will your home be safe for you as you age, e.g. stairs, laundry in basement, sloped driveway?

  2. Do you have concerns that your home needs modifications, so you can live as independently possible as you age? 

  3. Will you manage in your home if you need personal care?

  4. Do you need financial assistance to make home modifications? 

Architects, Developers, Builders, Designers, 

Urban Planners ~ 70 % of Canadians say new buildings should be universally accessible 

(Angus Reid Jan. 2019)

  1. Do your drawings and designs reflect current accessibility standards and practices?

  2. Are you aware of CSA B651-18 : Accessible Design for the Built Environment guidelines? 

  3. Are you aware of what you are  required to do to be compliant with Canada's Accessibility Canada Act (ACA)?

  4. Are your construction drawings or buildings in compliance with Human Rights Legislation?

  5. Will your designs meet the needs of our aging population?

Employers ~ 57% of persons with physical disabilities say they would work if workplaces were accessible (Angus Reid). There is a workforce shortage (Tourism HR).

  1. Does your workplace have barriers for employees with disabilities, e.g. poor access at entrances, inaccessible washrooms, tripping hazards?

  2. Are your workstations causing pain and lost productivity and enjoyment at work?

  3. Are you aware there are ways to accommodate employees and there is help?

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