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Our Focus and Purpose

Goal~Inspire to make a difference.

Design 4 Accessibility is a Consultation Service ~ We work with you to remove 

barriers, by recommending designs or modifications. We recommend Universal Design (UD) principles and accessibility features. 


Our Clients - Home Owners and Tenants, Seniors who want to "Age in Place", Builders, Urban Planners, Architects, Designers, Landscapers, Hotels, Municipalities, Small Businesses ~ Shops, Wineries, Restaurants.

Accessible designs do not need to be clinical or unattractive add-ons, they can be beautiful, as well as functional.


Our Vision- To help make the Central Okanagan more accessible for all. 


Our Motto- Accessibility creates inclusion, which achieves diversity.

Accessibility Consultant


Donna Franz

Occupational Therapist

Donna is a Registered Occupational Therapist (OT) with over 25 years of assisting persons 

with disabilities.


Donna has worked in a variety of healthcare settings and in Disability Management, helping clients regain or improve their functional abilities in their homes, their workplace, and in their leisure activities.

Throughout her career, she has witnessed numerous examples of significant barriers for persons and children with disabilities that have prevented them from safe and accessible use and enjoyment of the built environment, in the home, workplace, and urban spaces.


In recent years Donna has focused her attention on helping create more accessible and inclusive design features in the built environment, so that all people feel welcomed.

Donna will work with you and collaborate as part of a team to create safe and accessible solutions

Our Helpful Solutions

Why we want to solve your problems by removing barriers.


Businesses ~ Do you welcome persons with disabilities, seniors, and families, regardless of their limitations or disability?

Home ~ Do you want to Age in Place but are concerned about your safety or the stairs?


Public Buildings and Urban spaces ~Do you encounter barriers to free access, or feel unsafe, or  dependent on others? 

Events ~ Are you able to fully partake to the greatest extent and safely, in communal activities , e.g. festivals, plays, weddings?

Accommodations ~ Do you want to travel but are afraid that hotels will not be fully accessible?

Barrier~Free Accessibility Matters! 

Accessibility creates opportunities! 

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