ABOUT - Occupational Therapy 

Donna J. Franz has worked for persons with disabilities over 25 years as an Occupational Therapist (OT).


An Occupational Therapist is a HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL who solves problems that interfere with a person's ability to function independently in their day to day lives. OTs are trained in assessing and treating persons in a holistic manner addressing a client's physical and mental health, and their emotional and spiritual needs. OTs identify how disabilities impact a person's life on a temporary or permanent basis and provide recommendations on how to increase safety and independence using adaptive equipment, assistive technology, and home and workplace modifications. 

OT's focus on activities that "occupy" people's time:

  • Self - Care (e.g. mobility, dressing, showering, bathing)

  • Productivity (e.g. employment, volunteering, school and play)

  • Leisure (e.g. participation in gardening, nature walks and hiking, sports, events, and hobbies)

OTs have the medical background to assess a person's current functional abilities, and have the ability to anticipate a person's future functional abilities and healthcare needs. OTs are aware of the costs of home modifications, including time and energy. OTs can help you save time, energy and funds.


OTs can help in the moment, creating Home Modifications that include plans for the future.




OTs are working on Home Modifications all over the world. Donna is a member of Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance (HMOTA). OTs are knowledgeable on how to design or re-design spaces to meet people's needs, for safety but also ease of use and independence. OTs are dedicated to using home modifications, assistive technology, adaptive aids and equipment to conserve energy, protect joints, prevent falls and allow optimal independence.  


Downsizing appears to be a myth. Many Baby Boomers are highly motivated to "Age in Place" in their beloved family home. OTs can help create Home Modifications that are sensitive to changes that are experienced with healthy aging as well as disability. OTs work collaboratively with Home Owners, ensuring they are the leader of the project and changes are "client centred". OTs are cost sensitive and work to implement changes that will have longevity, as people age. 

Home modifications are often needed for persons who have experienced significant trauma, or who have complex healthcare needs. Children with disabilities often require changes to the home environment to meet their growing needs.



OTs believe in education and participate in creating comprehensive education programs or training. 

Donna is able to offer:

  • Group Training to promote Accessibility, which leads to Inclusion and Diversity, 

  • Mindfulness training,

  • Resiliency Training - including strategies to manage Healthcare Professional Burnout,

  • Ergonomic Training

  • PGAP - Progressive Goal Attainment Program 



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