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Ergonomic Assessments of Home Office and Workplace

This pandemic has forever changed the way many of us work.

Many employees with little or no training in ergonomic design were required to set up a home office and they did their best given the circumstances. 

Many employees now understand there are benefits to working from home and some want to continue; however, their workstation may not be ergonomically correct. Issues with pain and muscle fatigue, caused by a poorly designed workspaces, may arise and negatively impact the employee's comfort and productivity.

Having the home office assessed, will help minimize the risk of strain, pain, fatigue, and reduced productivity. 

Below are some examples of postures in home offices that lead to issues with pain, fatigue, nerve irritation, chronic poor posture, eye strain, headaches, muscloskeletal injuries associated with prolonged or repetitive rotation.

Home offices that look pretty and orderly do not guarantee that the mind and body will revolt at some point.

Twisting and rotating repetitively?

Sitting without proper back support?

Sit or Stand stations - SOS?

No adjustment features.

Glare and eye strain due to fading eye sight and/or prescriptions.

Examples of a Mouse that is not ergonomically designed. 

No headphones.

The health benefits of oxygenating and restorative breaks should not be underestimated.

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