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Lady in orange shirt seated at table in front of laptop, white coffee mug to her right, she is seated in wheelchair, in room with large sized grey tile flooring, Red brick on one wall, grey wall with three cutouts behind her and sun streaming in.

Ergonomic Assessments ~Home Office and Workplace

Asian young lady in black turtleneck is seated and facing a large computer screen, while her hands are both visibly resting on flat slanted keyboard. Open office area behind her, with oversized windows, white walls. One man in blue shirt seated in background, at computer screen and facing opposite direction

This pandemic has forever changed the way many of us work.

Many employees with little or no training in ergonomic design were required to set up a home office and they did their best given the circumstances. 

Many employees now understand there are benefits to working from home and some want to continue; however, their workstation may not be ergonomically correct. Issues with pain and muscle fatigue, caused by a poorly designed workspaces, may arise and negatively impact the employee's comfort and productivity.

Having the home office assessed, will help minimize the risk of strain, pain, fatigue, and reduced productivity. 

Below are some examples of postures in home offices that lead to issues with pain, fatigue, nerve irritation, chronic poor posture, eye strain, headaches, muscloskeletal injuries associated with prolonged or repetitive rotation.

small white desk, painted antiqued chair facing desk, on desk small open laptop in middle section, small standing picture frame on left and plant on right side. Behind is white blinds drawn down, and white walls.

Home offices that look pretty and orderly do not guarantee comfort and safety. Discomfort over time negatively impacts productivity, both at work and in our private lives.

Twisting and rotating repetitively, leads to muscle/joint wear and tear.

Young male in brown turtleneck, seated in standard low back chair, facing moderate sized computer screen, his hands on resting on apple keyboard, his body is twisted to the right. On the desk there are papers, coiled book, blue cup, in foreground glass vase with small pale pink flowers. Behind screen is window ledge with small plants. In background palm plant.
Businessman with dark hair and short beard is seated outside on wood, no back support, laptop on his lap, neck flexed downward, he is wearing a grey 2 piece suit and blue tie, pale blue shirt.

Sitting without proper back support?

A young smiling lady sitting on a couch working from Home, laptop on the couch. Her right elbow is resting on back of couch and her trunk is twisted.

improper Sit or Stand Stations !- SOS, may lead to neck or wrist pain.

A middle aged asian man in a white sweater is standing and leaning forward while looking at a large computer screen, his right hand is no the mouse. His back is hunched.
Young blonde lady, is standing and leaning on her left wrist  in front of a laptop on a counter. She has a cell to her right year. She is in a store, flowers are in a vase by the laptop, a clip board and pen are in the foreground.
Someone in a white labcoat is standing in front of a computer screen and counter. Their left hand is pointing to an item on the screen filled with text, their right hand is resting on the counter, with a pencil in hand. Vials of substances are standing in holders on the counter.
A male in his 30s with glasses and a short beard is seated in a kitchen chair, and working on a laptop on a small round kitchen table. His bare feet are supported on the wood floor, he is slouched slightly in the chair. He is wearing a white T-shirt, both hands are on the laptop keyboard. A clock is on the grey wall behind him and beside a white open door. A green palm plant is behind him.

No adjustment features, then 1 size may not fit all.

Glare and eye strain due to fading eye sight and/or prescriptions.

A late middle aged lady in a black , red and white dress, is seated in a slouched position in an orange office chair. She is wearing black framed glasses,  holding and looking at her cell phone, neck flexed slightly. Her hair is grey and twisted into a bun on the top of her head by a black band. A laptop is on the white desk, to her right. A large blank screen, books are on the counter. Above are two white shelves with books.
A male's left hand is positioned on a mac laptop computer keyboard, a full white coffee cup is in the background. In the foreground is a clear short glass filled with colorful pencils, sun shines brightly on the laptop screen. in front of the laptop is a black pad and a black pencil.

Examples of a Mouse that is not ergonomically designed. 

A white non-descript mouse, that is not designed to mould to a human hand.

No headphones; some neck pain.

A young lade with long black hair, white undershirt and pink blazer is seated in a blud chair, at a white table. She is working on her laptop, the heel of her right hand is anchored on the table; she has a cellphone to her left ear. Her glasses and 3 books are stacked on the table. Green plants and a palm are in the background.

The health benefits of oxygenating and restorative breaks should not be underestimated.

An asian woman in a yellow shirt is seated cross legged on the floor, just inside a sliding door. Her thumbs are touching and her hands interlocked, her eyes are shut, she is appearing serene. A small plant is to her left. She appears to be in meditation.
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