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Celebrate our Nurses - It's National Nurses Week 2021

In 2007 while traveling home from work at the Penticton Regional Hospital, my driver's side front wheel was slammed into by a young lady who was driving while on her cell phone. She was cutting across 97 C. Within seconds I was T Boned, then off the highway and stopping only when hitting an mound of earth. I spent 3 days at KGH ( including Valentine's day) and received the most amazing care from all the healthcare providers who tended to me.

I was in the hallway or shower room for almost half the time and anywhere I was throughout my stay, I was cared for in a most kind and respectful way. We are so fortunate to have such expertise provided to us when we are in need. We have an amazing group of women and men who have worked for years to develop expertise that provides us with exceptional care and medical attention.

This is the week to celebrate our nurses; let's think of ways to support them. We can volunteer our energy and time to acknowledge and thank them this week and at all times.

Energy - Take the time to read up on or listen to the news about how they are doing, how they are managing in this time of ongoing traumatizing events, due to Covid- 19. Share these stories with others, so that more and more people are aware that our nurses are either in or at risk of a crisis.

Time - Knowing how our nurses are managing during this pandemic, take the time to write to our health authorities and government(s) about how we want our nurses to feel more supported, valued, and appreciated. Ask governments, BCNU ( British Columbia Nurses Union) and the health authorities what can we do to help them?

We need to show them we care. They need our help too.

Thank you to all of our Nurses across this nation!!! We are in awe of what you accomplish on our behalf.

Thank you, Merci, way̓ lim̓lm̓t (thank you)

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