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Earth Day - Celebrate Day

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

I grew up swimming and fishing each summer in Lake Winnipeg, walking through a magnificent birch tree grove, observing thousands of tadpoles in the wet ditch that surrounded our cottage and counting amazing monarch butterflies. Things have changed. Swimming is hit or miss given the degree of green algae, the white birch grove has been replaced with cottages, the ditches are no longer wet ( haven't seen a tadpole in years) and the monarchs I can count on 1 hand. Where did these glorious moments go? What is it that our 10 years old kids are saying? "That was then, this is now."

We celebrate Earth Hour as a global community, once a year and we love it. How about adding one more hour a year on Earth Day? Or ... if not able tonight, add one Earth Hour every solstice, or once a month. Please join me and many, who remember those days and feel the pain of knowing that our younger generations are not so fortunate. Every Earth Hour we create, we are actively contributing to a recovery, repair, and replenishing plan for our loved ones and for coming generations on this glorious Mother Earth. EnJoy!

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