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National Access Ability Week - May 31- June 6th, 2020

Updated: May 27, 2021

On Sunday May 31, to June 6th 2020, we had National #AccessAbility Week! This designated week provides Canadians with an opportunity to focus on sharing stories about the accomplishments of persons with disabilities and learning more about Accessibility. This year COVID -19 has taught many of us what it feels like to experience barriers to free will, freedom of choice, unsafe environments, loss of personal connection and challenges with navigating personal space. Many people have commented that they feel down, frustrated, and isolated. Many now recognize that in day to day life pre COVID-19 they enjoyed many freedoms.

Persons with disabilities often experience barriers to free will on a day to day basis and are limited by unsafe and inaccessible buildings and urban spaces, inaccessible features on websites, uneven and/or low contrast surfaces, poor signage and wayfinding, limited access and hours for transportation, and lack of hearing loops in theatres and community buildings.

Let's take this time now to feel and think, and in the coming year, let's make it an priority to help persons with disabilities by remembering how we felt during this time. We can work together towards removing barriers to free will, for all. Ask persons with disabilities who you meet to tell you their stories and ask how you can help.

Let's dedicate this coming year to thoughts of removing barriers, making connection, promoting inclusion, welcoming diversity, creating safety, exuding respect, and improving accessibility in Canada. As we have done during this unprecedented time, we can work together in the future, for the health, safety, and quality of life, for all.

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