As an Occupational Therapist Donna has worked on several home modification projects with patients, clients and families, and their builders and insurers, e.g. Worksafe BC. Donna starts each project with functional assessments of the client's physical and cognitive abilities, limitations and restrictions, and then conducts an on-site home evaluation that includes both the interior and exterior of the residence. Measurements and photographs are taken and included with the Home Modification recommendations to the owners or funders.

Given the confidential nature of the Occupational Therapy services and based on a confidentiality/privacy agreement, photos and reviews of past projects are not available.


Donna recommends modifications to solve immediate problems, and when feasible includes recommendations to Age in Place, for those clients who own their property. 



























Examples of Home Modifications included but were not limited to:

  • grab bar installation in the washroom shower and toilet area,

  • removal of tub and installation of walk-in shower,

  • installation anti-scald devices,

  • installation of handrails for indoor and outdoor stairs,

  • recommendations for a wind breaker and extension to a roof to provide coverage for exposed outdoor stairs,

  • outdoor ramps and modifications to ramps to increase safety,

  • modifications to sink cabinets for ease of access. 


Examples of recommendations that would allow the client to age safely in place are:

  • modified patio to include outdoor ramp to accommodate a scooter,

  • widening of doors to accommodate wheeled walker with seat.


The photos above are from a recent Aging in Place ~ Home Modification Project for a private residence.

Home Modifications come at a price. You may qualify for funding or grants which are helpful. Give us a call.


Donna participated in RHFAC Audits on the Rotary Arts Centre, a local school,bank and office.


Donna has conducted handyDART assessments for BC Transit.

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