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In 1987, while working on a Spinal Cord Unit, the patients, Donna and her colleagues met with Rick Hansen, while he was on his Man in Motion Tour. The magnitude of Rick Hansen's World Tour was more realized the following day, when riding the bus to work Donna witnessed the Man in Motion, heading west on his journey home, facing the chilled air of October.
Donna is a "Designated Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) Professional". 
The RHF Accessibility Certification Program was developed in collaboration with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and reference the Building Code -B651-12 ~ "Accessible design for the built environment".
The program is a national rating system, that rates and certifies the built environment into 3 categories (RHF Accessibility Certified - Gold, RHF Accessibility Certified, Not Certified).
The Accessible Certification Rating has been developed to identify barriers to "meaningful access" in the built environment and to provide recommendations for improved accessibility and inclusion. The RHFAC program focuses on Human Rights Legislation as it pertains to accessibility, confidentiality, and discrimination.
The goal of the program is to educate property owners and managers, private or public, on ways to remove barriers persons with disabilities and the population at large, by adopting the principles of Universal Design (UD), in design of buildings, signage and wayfinding, technology, communications and customer service.
The RHF Accessibility Certification program focused on persons with physical, cognitive, emotional, learning and sensory disabilities.
Please Note - These Photos below represent Accessibility Concerns. These photos are examples of areas that need improvement! 
If you would like a list of the concerns and areas for improvements, please email -
VEHICULAR ACCESS, e.g. public transportation,disabled parking
EXTERIOR APPROACH AND ENTRANCE, e.g. exterior stairs, ramps
INTERIOR CIRCULATION, INTERIOR SERVICES and ENVIRONMENT e.g. Path of travel, stairs, corridors, lighting

SANITARY FACILITIES - e.g. washrooms, showers

SIGNAGE and WAYFINDING, e.g. Directories and Information Kiosks, signs

EMERGENCY SYSTEMS, e.g. alarm systems, evacuation instructions - Are they accessible?

ADDITIONAL USE of SPACE, e.g. bars and wineries, workstations, restaurants, Visitor centres, picnic areas, playgrounds, lounges, meeting rooms, theatres with acoustic considerations

TRAILS and PATHWAYS e.g. slope, signage, accessible amenities, shelters

RESIDENTIAL UNITS, e.g. kitchens, laundry, showers, tubs

Rating reports include recommendations for consideration, i.e. the addition of accessible features. Ratings can be posted on the RHFAC website -
LINK https://rhfac.csaregistries.ca/Accessibility/

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