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The Built Environment  

Accessibility Consulting Services




(Please ask about our packaged service if interested)

  • On-site Accessibility Audits - 4 businesses, buildings, landscapes.​


  • Pre-construction architectural drawing reviews.

  • Post- construction drawing reviews and recommendations for Accessible and Inclusive re-design.

  • Accessible Design for health, well-being, and resilience.


  • Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Rating Audits.


  • Restorative and calming design for people with sensory processing challenges.

  • Universal Design of shared public spaces, e.g. Parks, Playgrounds, Trails. 

Several people's hands are seen around a house floor plan on a large white piece of paper; one hand is pointing to the drawing of the house.
A photo of a playground that is made of flexible sand, and surrounded by grass. One small tree with a grass cut out around the trunk is in the foreground and in the back ground behind the small playground is a lake and big trees. The playground is made up of swings and one slide which are not accessible.
A small child is transfering from their wheelchair onto a transfer station on a playground. The surfacing is rubber and blue. The playground structure is yellow, blue, green and red.

      Inaccessible example                           Accessible Example 

A senior lady is seated in a wheelchair outside on a walkway. She is wearing a beige outfit and white runners. Kneeling beside her wheelchair in the foreground is a young male in a blue jean outfit, he is facing the lady and they are both smiling. Trees and green grass are in the background.

Our aging Baby Boomer population has now outgrown the population of those 15 years old and under.


Seniors and Elders experience changes in their abilities associated with natural aging. They want to remain active, engage, outdoors, with family, and participating in life as independently and safely as possible.


Universal Design ensures that the environment welcomes people of all abilities without appearing medicinal or unattractive.


Accessibility Consulting and audits can help you design space that meets the needs of all generations, provides beauty and access to nature, for all. 

Outdoor pool, no visible ladder or entry point. Pool is surrounded by concrete and tile, and approximately 3 metres from a modern home, with a wall filled with glass windows and doors.

Water is great and we love access to it here in the Okanagan.


Universal Design ensures people of all ages and abilities have safe access.


Safe Pool Access matters to everyone at some point in their life; design of ladders and slope placement is ideal in the pre-construction phase. Powered lifts, aesthetic handrails and safe transfer stations, can benefit all users. 

Accessible Docks and Yards benefit all generations.


I also recommend you speak with CRIS - Community Recreational Initiatives Society, Adaptive Adventures for additional information.

A male and female are seated in a canoe, which is docked by a wooden red dock, where a wheelchair is positioned.  A bridge and the sun is in the background.
Two ladies are walking with 2 small dogs in the forest on a terrain road. One lady who is holding onto the leashes is seated in an electric scooter, the other lady dressed in black with a grey hat is walking to the left of the dogs.

Accessibility audits of trails identify barriers to independence and safety.


Audits help recognize areas for improvement and provide recommendations on:

  • access point design,

  • signs and wayfinding,

  • power stations for power mobility,

  • tripping hazards,

  • sight lines,

  • security issues

  • rest areas needed,

so that all people can benefit from the power of nature.

A picture of a forest path. Sun beams are shining onto the path.
Design 4 Accessibility would like to acknowledge that it operates on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Syilx Okanagan Peoples.
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