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About  Donna 

I am an Occupational Therapist and I will assist and coach you in ways to create health conscious, safer, beautiful, and accessible spaces in the home, workplace, and community. 

I have worked with people of all ages, who are living with chronic health conditions, e.g., arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, mobility and balance issues, hand and upper extremity repetitive strain injuries.


Design 4 Accessibility services will assist you and/or your family,

  • design, modify, or renovate your home to create comfort, ease, beauty, and safety,

  • recommend using accessible and functional design, adaptive aids, assistive technology, and smart technology, for ease, comfort and safety,

  • design community workspaces that are accessible,  beautiful, and inclusive for all, using Universal Design principles,

  • audit and/or redesign your business, i.e., store, tourist venue, office, using Universal Design principles, so that your business will be more accessible and welcoming for a larger population of clients and customers,

  • redesign your day to day living to include more balance, ease and self-care, including strategies to assist you in preventing or managing healthcare and/ or caregiver burnout.


I believe is client centred service, and actively listening to your personal and business needs. 


I've had the privilege of working with people and their families during some of the toughest times in their life, i.e. during illness or injury, transitioning home from hospital, managing chronic pain and fatigue, managing age related sensory changes (i.e. reduced vision and hearing), returning to work after illness and /or injury, and managing a chronic illness in the workplace.



Photo of Donna wearing sunglasses, leaning on outdoor restaurant table, looking in direction of sun.
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Bridge into the Woods

Solution Focused

My career as an Occupational Therapist has offered me opportunities to work with people of many cultures, and with individuals and families of all sizes and ages.  In all cases I've strived to deliver solution focused services with respect and kindness.

My skills are evidence based - you will receive the most up to date information on universal and accessible design, health conscious design, and Biophilic design. I keep pace with research on Neuroaesthetics and on innovations in technology.

I have a passion for bringing you solutions in a timely and cost sensitive manner.  


l will provide you with the rationale for the designs I co- create with you, and in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

I will assist in the development of action plans that are solution focused, proactive and preventative, and I will co-create with you designs to remove barriers to success, for all.

White Pathway

My Values 

Universal Design (UD) - UD eliminates the need for disability labels, and make everyone's temporary, permanent, or episodic limitations invisible in day to day life. 


Universal design is ... dignity for all!

Neuroaesthetics - The human brain is wired for and needs beauty!


Biophilic Design ~ The human need for natural touches and exposure to the natural environment for health and wellbeing. There is power in observing and feeling flowers, trees, gardens, and bees...

Sustainability - Preservation of nature and the inclusion of nature in our healing environments, will always be one of our finest achievements!

Collaboration - Is the key to win/win!

A love of Bees -  The honeybee's 6 sided hexagon beehive design inspires me as it is the most efficient way to fill space, there are no gaps in the design. In Masonic lectures the beehive is explained as a symbol of industry and cooperation, it has inspired the creation of buildings, transportation, and storage. Bees are highly sociable and work hard together contributing using their unique roles in the hive. My concern - Bees are at risk and need our support. 5% of fees will be donated

Design 4 Accessibility would like to acknowledge that it operates on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Syilx Okanagan Peoples.
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