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This is not an exhaustive list. If you have some information that you think should be posted, please email me.

Thank you, Merci, way̓ lim̓lm̓t is Thank you

For Employers:

Canadian Braille Service - Joan added Braille to my business card after we discussed the type of paper I needed to use, how many words could be brailled into the space and her costs. I mailed them to her and within a short period of time, they arrived and I was so pleased.

Back side of Design 4 Accessibility Business Card with Braille, bee designed by Donna is inside a circle that states Design 4 Accessibility on the top and Let us Become All that we long to bee on the bottom of the circle, bottom of card is Design 4 and email address


For Seniors and Elders and Grants:

A female senior is seated leaning onto the back of a couch with a book on her lap. A male senior is behind the couch, leaning foward to touch his head with the lady's head. They are both smiling.  bo

For Travelers- Tourists - Staycation: 
Jeff Bourne - is a local Blogger who is working with the tourism industry to create a more accessible community. He is educating others and helping them understand the need for accessibility for all  - Check out his Blog
Maayan Ziv - Is the Founder and CEO of AccessNow (Canadian) . She is a photographer and entrepreneur who developed an App to improve our understanding of how accessible our communities are.
Two people are on an asphalt path, with grape vines to the left of the path and rock and plants to the right. The male is wheeling his wheelchair to the left of a lady with long blond hair who is riding her bike.



Film, art, dance, and Culture and more!  - Wheel Love by Chelsea McEnvoy- heartfelt -- Check out Buddy

The Language House - Rotary Centre for the Arts - Presented  - Sʔím̓laʔxʷ  Michele Johnson PhD and Executive Director, lead activist and teacher of The Language House.  Sʔím̓laʔxʷ provided an informative presentation on the work that is being done to preserve N̓syilxčn̓ and she demonstrated how her students were learning N̓syilxčn̓. Michele stood on the stage and walked the audience through a beautiful exercise of learning how to say words like Bird, Sun, and Brave. With each word she demonstrated physical postures, e.g. her arms flapped up and down as we spoke the word bird. The movements represented the words and repeating each word several times helped the audience learn the words. It was an amazing experience to be a part of.

Check out some very exciting Outdoor opportunities and some fabulous videos- --- Accessible Okanagan Pitch Video ---- Re-inventing the Wheel - Trailer 

Published Articles:



Design 4 Accessibility's mission is to remove barriers for persons with disabilities. We all need access to:

  1. Health, inclusion, and well-being.

  2. Visitable Spaces, especially playgrounds,

  3. Access to Nature, especially in our trails, parks, and public spaces

  4. Welcoming Workplaces 

This mission needs your help - let's remove challenges together! 


If you see barriers for persons with disabilities, let me know, write letters/emails to local governments, ask business owners to consider having accessibility audits of their businesses, and speak up in conversation. When you can, seek out and support persons with disabilities in their creative and business and outdoor ventures!

Thank you, Merci, way̓ lim̓lm̓t thank you, Shukran, Danke, Arigato, Grazie, ...and more

A black god is holding a blue Thank you sign, in his mouth.
A Thank you for social distancing sign- that has two people standing in the middle of the sign with arrows indicating 2 Meters apart.
Two people standing outside. The blonde female has a sign that states Black Lives Matter and the other person is holding a sign in front of their face that states End racisim.
Sign  - Do Something great - white letters on a black backrground.

Design 4 Accessibility would like to acknowledge that it operates on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Syilx Okanagan Peoples. way̓ lim̓lm̓t​

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