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Let's take a closer look at the Reel story!

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I love watching credits of a film and imagining all the expertise buzzing around to create films. When the credits close that is curtain down for me.

I watched "A Call to Spy", (a historical drama from 2019) on Netflix the other day and want to share that in the credits I noted "Disability Inclusion Consultants ~ Respectability". The movie featured many courageous characters, one of which was a disabled American woman named Virginia Hall who became a spy for the UK's Special Operations Executive ( aka SOE) during WWII. Virginia had lost part of her leg in a hunting accident and she wanted to be a diplomat. As life typically unfolds, her life took place while she was making other plans; at least initially. She used a prosthetic limb and given the portrayal of her in some of her endeavours, it appears that she was very able.

Parts of Hollywood are working to create a true reflection of our disabled population in our films. It appears there is more work to be done. National AccessAbility Week (NAAW) starting May 30th, 2021, is about celebrating the work and fine achievements of persons with disabilities. NAAW is great time to delve more deeply into the world of film that features persons with disabilities or are created by persons with disabilities.

Currently at Rotary Centre for the Arts ~ Toronto's ReelAbilities Films Festival ( ReelAbilities is International - starting in the USA and is the largest showcasing of films about persons with disabilities or by persons with disabilities). Check it out!

Right now with RCA if funds are tight, you can choose the fee you are able to fund, starting with $0.00 and up. The films are showcased until May 31, 2021.

Thank you Rotary Centre for the Arts.

Back to Hollywood ~ Many vocal actors want to create a more diverse casting crew that reflects our true population of persons with disabilities. In 2020 stats demonstrated that only 3.5 % of TV series actors featured are disabled. ( Stats vary but it in the USA reportedly - 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 people are considered disabled). Whenever possible, take a look at some of the films that feature persons with disabilities created with actors who are disabled, as many films are featuring persons with disabilities by actors who are not disabled.

Wishing you a bowl of popcorn (or chips if you are more inclined), a fuzzy blanket, a great film featuring persons with disabilities, and time to reflect after to films. Share news of great films with others so we can all learn more about what is actually happening out there in the film world. Celebrate National AccessAbility Week , in any way you can.

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