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Sleep is your healer from 1 day to the next!

You may be sitting up in bed in the middle of the night feeling alone, but are you alone? Stats show that many people are up in the middle of the night. If you can imagine all these others going through the same challenge you are at night, you may not feel so alone.

In 2019 Psychiatrist Dr. Ram Randhawa, of the University of British Columbia's Sleep Disorders Program, said approximately 30 percent of Canadians are struggling with sleep, i.e., getting into sleep or staying asleep throughout the night. This statistic was pre-Covid 19. We know Covid - 19 has significantly increased our experience with anxiety and depressed mood. Worrying and mind spinning about sleep alone is enough to disrupt sleep. What can we do to improve our sleep? We need to; sleep is how we create our own healing.

Dr. Cary Brown, Professor at the University of Alberta, Occupational Therapist / PhD in Primary Care/Medical Sociology from the University of Liverpool in the UK has some answers ; yellow glasses and shiatsu.

Yellow Glasses - There is a lot of information out there about sleep, and it is best read during the day, preferably hours away from sleep, especially if you are using your tablet, phone or laptop. If you are reading on a screen in the evening that is emitting a blue light you are waking yourself up, and readying yourself for morning activity.

Wishing you a rest - Full night.

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